ULPHAT’s Free Medical Camp for Flood Affected Areas of (DADU) Sindh.

ULPHAT’s Free Medical Camp for Flood Affected Areas of (DADU) Sindh.

Dated: 24&25th September, 2022
Organized by: ULPHAT & SSG Pakistan Navy

Team 1- Dr. Nuzhat
Camp site: Tent City, Dadu By Pass
Mode of Transport: By Road

Patients Catered: 115
Populace: Victims rescued by Pakistan Navy from flooded areas

Cases seen: Malnourishment, Diarrhea, Dehydration, Anemia, Skin Diseases, Malaria etc.

Team 2- Dr. Mohsin
Team Members: Dr. Akeel, Dr. Ayesha
Camp site: Main Johi City, District Dadu

Mode of Transport: By Road(30 mins) -> By Alpha Boats (30mins) to cross flood water -> 10mins Qingqi Ride to Camp site

Total number of patients seen: 126

Cases Seen:

  • loose stool/AGE-malaria-dengue-impetigo-Iron deficiency anemia-Scabies-fungal skin and hair infections etc.

Team 4 – Dr. Masood
Mobile Camp at 3 Locations
Mode of Transport: By Road
Total Patients Catered: 700

Camp site 1: PNS tent City Mehar Tehsil
Total no of patients: 300
Populace: Rescued Population from Flood Affected Areas

Camp Site 2: Rajwa Goth, Mehar Tehsil
No. Of Patients: 300
Populace: Residents of Rajwagoth

Camp site 3: UC Long Mahesar, Mehar Tehsil
Total Patients seen: 100
Populace: Flood affected People

Cases seen:
Dehydration, Folliculitis, Scabies, Suspected Malaria
Suspected Enteric Fever
Tinea cruris/corporis
Seborrheic dermatitis
Diabetes, Hypertension, Iron deficiency Anemia
Rickets, Malnourishment, Flu/cough, Diarrhea, Heat exhaustion, Suspected osteomalacia/osteoporosis, Vitamin Deficiency, Skin Diseases ?
Pustulosis, Hyperthyroidism, UTI, PCM , Conjunctivitis, Otitis Externa and Media
Term Pregnancies ,Mastitis , Suspected Mumps, Suspected Measles, Suspected Cereberal Palsy

1- A Geriatric patient was managed conservatively for malnourishment, UTI and Stable Fracture by visiting the patient at their campsite

2- Advice given to Tent City incharge to mobilize DHO for EPI

Total no. Of Patient on day 1: 1446

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